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Date: 02/24/05-04:08:01 PM Z
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I discovered today that a photo store near me is selling off its inventory (digital has made the sale of chemicals, paper, etc. no longer profitable the owner told me). When I asked about large format lenses, he produced four that had been stored away. I am looking for lenses for a Century 6x8 and a Deardorf 8x10 that I inherited with no lenses. I keep hoping to luck into something really cheap for my first foray into large format photography and these are really more than I want to pay. However, I'd appreciate any information on the quality, suitability, and prices.

2 lenses marked only Darlot Paris, 1 estimated to be c. 6" ($200), 1 estimated to be c. 8" ($300) These have no shutter.
Pentc 8" f 29 (with space between the 2 and 9) ($250) No shutter.
Kodak Commercial Ektar 10" 6.3 in original? case ($800) The owner said he thought this was one of the best lenses of all time

Thanks for any thoughts. Suzanne Izzo (
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