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> Suzanne wrote:
>> 2 lenses marked only Darlot Paris, 1 estimated to be c.
>> 6" ($200), 1
>> estimated to be c. 8" ($300) These have no shutter. Pentc
>> 8" f 29
>> (with space between the 2 and 9) ($250) No shutter. Kodak
>> Commercial
>> Ektar 10" 6.3 in original? case ($800) The owner said he
>> thought this
>> was one of the best lenses of all time
> The camera store owner is trying to retire on your
> purchase. The
> Commercial Ektar is a great lens, and they are generally
> found in perfectly
> serviceable Ilex shutters. But $275-$375 is the going
> price (every now and
> then someone gets $550 for one, but there is no need for
> anyone to pay
> that). I have several Commercial Ektars from 8-12" to
> 14", all with
> perfect glass, and $350 is the most I paid. As user
> lenses, the Darlots
> and the Pentec are worth $50-$100 each, although they may
> have greater
> value to collectors, depending on condition.
> Be aware that if you don't have your own metalworking shop
> to make the
> necessary adapters, having barrel lenses mounted in a
> shutter is quite
> expensive -- often $200 in labor charges alone, plus the
> cost of a shutter.
> And it's a cost you can't recoup when you sell -- it adds
> much less market
> value to the lens than the expense of doing it.
> You may want to look on eBay -- they have a category for
> large-format
> lenses (with several sub-categories). At least you can
> get an idea of
> going prices.
> Best regards,
> etienne

   A way of using barrel lenses economically is to adapt a
single shutter so that it can be used with a variety of
lenses. I have an Ilex No.5 Universal shutter fitted so that
it takes a lensboard. I can mount any lens on this shutter
provided it does not need a larger clear aperture.
   One can do the same thing using a large Packard shutter.
Mount it on a lens board which has an arrangement for using
smaller lensboards on its front. I have a large number of
lenses mounted on Speed Graphic 4x4 inch lensboards. These
can be used directly in older speed graphics and some view
cameras but I also have adaptors so that they will fit all
three of my view cameras plus the Ilex shutter.
   Both the Ilex and the Packard shutter are limited in
speed selection. The Packard is essentially one speed and
time or bulb. The large Ilex works from 1 second to a marked
1/50th, but its really on about 1/35th. There are a couple
of other large shutters available: the largest Compound
(probably the best of the bunch) and the largest size
Wollensak Betax. These last are not often seen but IMO are
better shutters than the Ilex. I certainly agree that most
barrel lenses are not worth the cost of adapting them to
shutters. If you have one you think _is_ worth it try Steve
Grimes shop at

Richard Knoppow
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