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> 2 lenses marked only Darlot Paris, 1 estimated to be c. 6" ($200), 1
> estimated to be c. 8" ($300) These have no shutter.
> Pentc 8" f 29 (with space between the 2 and 9) ($250) No shutter.
> Kodak Commercial Ektar 10" 6.3 in original? case ($800) The owner said
> he thought this was one of the best lenses of all time
> Thanks for any thoughts. Suzanne Izzo (

I use an Ektar many years ago as a process lens on a 15x12 inch horizontal
enlarger. It was a beauty because not only did it have a large maximum
aperture - f5.6 I think - but stopped down, up to 60x40 inch screened
positives could be produced sharp to the corners and even in illumination.
It was the best lens I ever used and that included Schnider lenses
manufactured as process specific objects.


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