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Date: 02/08/05-05:20:14 AM Z
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Marie Wohadlo wrote:
Yes, you can make black with three colors, I do it all the time.
> In his defense, he should have (could have) said that, in (commercial
> printing color) theory, the combination of all colors makes black but in
> reality, with industry standard offset litho inks, it just makes a dark
> brown muddy mess.

I think you've missed my point. He did say that, but he generalized it
to every printing process including gum; he believed that because
commercial printing process inks make a brown muddy color when combined,
that must also be true for gum printing as well, and he wouldn't take
the word of someone who has been doing tricolor gum printing for years,
was my point.
> >good riddance to him.
> This is rude. Would you please consider not making it personal? Please?

This isn't personal. My point was that anyone who will tell someone in
a discussion, indirectly or not, to go &*^$ themselves, doesn't belong
on this list, and good riddance to him. It's not a personal observation,
but a general observation about how discussions should be conducted, and
an illustration of my frustration about the seeming inability of many
folks here to understand that your theory or observations in one field
may not hold in another area about which you know nothing.

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