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From: Marie Wohadlo ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/08/05-12:36:10 PM Z
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>that you can make black in tricolor gum using three colors. He said no
>you can't, and he was not going to give up until I agreed with him, but
>unfortunately for his purpose this is something I know so thoroughly
>from experience that there was no way to make me question my "own lyin'
>eyes." Yes, you can make black with three colors, I do it all the time.

In his defense, he should have (could have) said that, in (commercial
printing color) theory, the combination of all colors makes black but in
reality, with industry standard offset litho inks, it just makes a dark
brown muddy mess.

>good riddance to him.

This is rude. Would you please consider not making it personal? Please?

>I thought we had settled this the last time around, but I'll review for

A procedural question to all:
Is it not appropriate for people (who may have come late into this group)
to have things reiterated? I could see how this might be frustrating to
some, but personally speaking, I don't get a chance to read ever
entry/email/digest, nor could I ever catch up on any backlog per se. I come
and go.

Just my two cents.
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