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Date: 02/08/05-04:29:44 PM Z
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Hi all,
     Well things seem to have heated up a bit today, so hopefully I'll lend
some clarity. The original issue:

The question at hand is, does a gelatin sizing **not** work for gum if the
gelatin has been heated over 140 degrees? Pure and simple. Judy says yes,
and now it seems Katharine agrees with Judy. Judy and Katharine say
speckling in a gum print is directly related to overheated gelatin. Ryuji
and Sandy say no--overheating gelatin does not destroy its properties--but
the argument is that Sandy and Ryuji are not gum printers and therefore what
they say does not apply.
     I do not **believe** (theory, not fact) speckling is from the
overheated gelatin but from other causes--specifically glyoxal sized Rives,
the only time I have noticed the speckling. And it doesn't happen with the
first coat, but the third.
     However, I have always been told that overheating gelatin ruins it for
a size, so have accepted that "fact." When Sandy and Ryuji pointed out this
is not true, I was thrilled! One more gum myth down the drain???? So let's
say I am in the "wait and see" category--hoping they are right.

Well, my "wait and see" has come.

Yesterday I boiled the hell out of my gelatin size. Today I will put it to
the test on Fabriano Artistico EW, 20 sheets of paper, sized with glut added
to the gelatin, and see if, in fact, it doesn't work. If glut-hardened
boiled-the-heck gelatin works fine or doesn't, I will find out.

Am I the only one willing to put my money where my mouth is instead of
arguing about this? With TWENTY sheets of 16x20 paper and not just "one
little test"?

Do you think I will post the results to the list? NO WAY. If you want to
know the results, email me offlist in a month, when I've used up all the
papers. I am sick of getting hammered about every frikkin' gum statement I
make. And Gordon, I held myself back best as I could from swearing.

    Let's talk about mudslinging now.

   Judy said:
> Christina: (a) You say "if Jello starts with boiling water," etc. How did
> you come up with that? Is that on the package now? What I wrote was that
> Jello packages used to say "dissolve in hot, NOT boiling water." If you
> changed that to "starts with boiling water," how can I believe another
> thing you say?
CHANGED THAT?? Questioning my credibility??? Even if this was said in jest
or wit, it is hurtful, Judy. Read the back of a Jello box and maybe you'll
see I am, in fact, believable. Don't you think I would have checked the
back of the box 5 times before I posted to the list, for fear of some
correction to my statements such as this???? And have I ever accused you of
belonging to some Gotcha Gang because you don't agree with me? Attack the
information if you have to, but not the person.
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