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> Katharine Thayer wrote:
>> Well, if it's on Ankeny Street,
> Oops, I didn't realize that Ankeny shows up in more than one place, so I
> had the Tugboat Brewery in the wrong neighborhood. Here's what my son
> says about it, and he adds a recommendation:
> The Tugboat is one of these "if you haven't been there, you'll never
> find it" places. It's on a tiny side alley near Burnside and Broadway,
> around the corner from Mary's (Strip) Club, with which it shares
> restrooms. A group of larger than 10-15 people would fill the place
> up, and parking is non-existent. And they do not serve food other
> than nachos. Ringler's (at 14th and Burnside) is much better suited
> to larger groups (they have large tables), though the noise level isn't
> always amenable to quiet conversation. But they do serve food, the
> beer is good, and if you hit it during happy hour (4-6) pints are 2.75
> and there's a pretty good $2 food menu.
Uh Tugboat is the alt process beer and staffed by photogs ringlers in a
macro micro brewery cool but it should be stop number 2 on the list and by
the way Sparticus Leathers is worth a stop up on 12th and Burnside also
within a short walk is Powells the world s largest single location book

would be happy to lead alt brew tour Mark

portland is an alpha numeric grid counting up from the Willamette river on
both banks Burnside is the dividing line West or east of River South or
North of Burnside

couch (Kooch not couch)
Davis etc etc

How can I help
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