Re: Portland SPE here we come

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 02/05/05-02:57:29 PM Z
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Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> How about this: on thursday there is a dinner break from 5-7 PM.

I guess that lets me out. Well, have a good time everyone!

> Katharine, where are your two shows, and will they be concurrent with the
> conference? Any chance the galleries are close by so we can visit?

The two shows are group shows far from Portland (one is 3 hours away and
the other is 4 hours away) and they are no big deal as shows go,
certainly not worth the drive from Portland. If I thought they were big
deals, I wouldn't have agreed to contribute to them, because I am still
very much in retreat from the whole gallery/exhibition scene; I stopped
scheduling shows in 2002 and I don't consider either of these shows to
be a violation of that moratorium. Neither of them will be up during the
conference, at any rate.

The problem is that I never do anything by halves, and even though these
are shows that I don't consider important, that I'm doing (1) as favors
to friends and (2) because one of them is intended as a tacit protest
against an environmental insult that I think it's important to protest
against in a quiet way, I'm still working as hard at them as I would if
they were real shows. Even though neither of them seemed like a big deal
when I agreed to it, together they're turning out to be rather a big
deal as far as commitment of my own time and energy. At any rate, that's
what that's all about.
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