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tugboat holds about 50 seated also cool is Mississippi Studio on east side

> Katharine Thayer wrote:
>> Well, if it's on Ankeny Street,
> Oops, I didn't realize that Ankeny shows up in more than one place, so I
> had the Tugboat Brewery in the wrong neighborhood. Here's what my son
> says about it, and he adds a recommendation:
> The Tugboat is one of these "if you haven't been there, you'll never
> find it" places. It's on a tiny side alley near Burnside and Broadway,
> around the corner from Mary's (Strip) Club, with which it shares
> restrooms. A group of larger than 10-15 people would fill the place
> up, and parking is non-existent. And they do not serve food other
> than nachos. Ringler's (at 14th and Burnside) is much better suited
> to larger groups (they have large tables), though the noise level isn't
> always amenable to quiet conversation. But they do serve food, the
> beer is good, and if you hit it during happy hour (4-6) pints are 2.75
> and there's a pretty good $2 food menu.
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