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That's interesting. Using a 300 watt bulb at 36 inches, with my fresh Azo,
I get those same times. With my 1969 Azo, same bulb same distance, it's so
much faster. 6- 10 seconds.

I was told, Azo ages well and gets faster with age. Edward Weston used Azo
under a 75 watt bulb at 36 inches with those times, too. Maybe the
manufacture HAS changed. But I doubt that.

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> Yesterday after being confounded by a different process I broke open a
> box of Azo which I bought on ebay as part of a collection of old printing
> papers. Using a 75 watt regular light bulb about a meter from the print
> frame I exposed 5 Stouffer strips for 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 seconds. To my
> amazement and delight the paper (coming up on 50 years out of date) is not
> fogged and gave good images of the strips. Looks like something between
> 16
> and 32 seconds would be the right exposure.
> Now back to my other process.
> Charles Portland OR.
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