Re: Epson C66?

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Date: 09/17/04-07:16:33 AM Z
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The ink set of the C66 appears to be identical to that of the C-84 so
I see no reason at all why it should not work well with Mark's PDN

For sure the C-84 works fine, in fact the ink set of the C-84
produces a lot more contrast than the 2200. However, the negatives
from the C-84 appear to have just a bit more grain than those from
the 2200, though I don't believe this will be a problem when
printing on the type of papers typically used in alternative
printing. Might matter for silver gelatin prints on smooth papers.


>In calibrating for Mark Nelson's Precision Digital Negatives I have come
>to the conclusion that my Canon ink doesn't hold back enough UV light
>(w/o using black ink) to get a full range of tones so I am looking for a
>new printer. After doing some back-searching on the list the C8x series
>of printers from Epson appear to come recommended. My question is if
>anyone knows why I would not receive the same level of quality using the
>Epson C6x series of printers. It appears from the info from both
>retailers and Epson that the biggest difference between these printer
>series is no quality (same 5760x1440) or ink (same durabrite inks and
>same size cartridges, I even believe that the cartridges are
>interchangeable), but that the C8x series prints faster. From discussion
>about having to slow the printer down to make sure the ink dries this
>seems to be a boon.
>Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations in this area? I will
>probably be shopping for the new printer tomorrow evening so that I can
>get back to printing.
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