Epson C66?

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Date: 09/16/04-11:50:11 PM Z
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In calibrating for Mark Nelson's Precision Digital Negatives I have come
to the conclusion that my Canon ink doesn't hold back enough UV light
(w/o using black ink) to get a full range of tones so I am looking for a
new printer. After doing some back-searching on the list the C8x series
of printers from Epson appear to come recommended. My question is if
anyone knows why I would not receive the same level of quality using the
Epson C6x series of printers. It appears from the info from both
retailers and Epson that the biggest difference between these printer
series is no quality (same 5760x1440) or ink (same durabrite inks and
same size cartridges, I even believe that the cartridges are
interchangeable), but that the C8x series prints faster. From discussion
about having to slow the printer down to make sure the ink dries this
seems to be a boon.

Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations in this area? I will
probably be shopping for the new printer tomorrow evening so that I can
get back to printing.
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