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  Hello Loris,
  I use the pyro-cat for 2 rolls of 120 film (ususally HP5) in 40 ml of
sol.A and 40 ml for sol. B for 17 mins.
  That might be an excessive dev. time- so; you might have to experiment.
  Sandy King knows more about this wonderful developer than any one else. He
would be glad to clarify further...
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> I just have ordered some Pyrocat HD. I plan to use it with 135 and 120
> film (in small tank) for silver gelatine printing. Will use it to
> develop FP4 and HP5. I undestand that FP4 is nice for low contrast
> scenes and HP5 for high contrast scenes.
> Can you please suggest me E.I., dilution, time and temperature for each
> film? Also, what is the minimum amnt. of working solution I should use
> for one 135 or 120 roll?
> Thanks in advance,
> Loris.


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