Re: GCR and UCR

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/14/04-04:53:19 AM Z
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Marie Wohadlo wrote:

> And PhotoShop is just a "dumb" tool that can't predict what you will
> do with it, and we can't let '"it" pretend to be the final word on
> such a subjective topic as color, right?!

Umm, of course, I think that was my point. The problem is that some
teachers and some written sources of information about gum printing have
told students to make color separations for gum printing by clicking
"CMYK" and "print separations;" I was simply pointing out what happens
when you do that; what happens doesn't make any sense for gum printing,
was my point. As teachers become more familiar with photoshop and with
more sophisticated methods for creating digital separations, this
information will become less necessary, but we're not quite there
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