RE: Prtg CMYK Separation NEGS in GUM

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Date: 09/14/04-12:18:02 PM Z
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At 01:06 PM 9/14/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>"Really what it matters is black to be the last and never yellow as the last
>printing pigment."
>Not really. It is a matter of pigments and of preference. When using UCR
>or GCR generated CMYK negs, I often like to put the black on first. I like
>to establish the shadows, and then continue to build the print with layers
>of color. Black pigment is so obvious, and it's presence on top can
>sometimes he rather overbearing.

I would, in that case, reduce the amount of black. But you probably knew that.

Printers put down yellow first because it is has the lowest density, and
black last because it is the highest. Yes, it is Y - M - C - K. (Not YMCA,
ha ha.)
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