Re: GCR and UCR

From: Marie Wohadlo ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/14/04-11:15:58 AM Z
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I think an important distinction to make (regarding the RGB-CMYK
discussion) is that
CMYK is for reproducing reflective color -- that is, for commercial
printing on paper, using standard commercial inks, usually on coated
papers. The black plate is used because THEORETICALLY using equal amounts
of CMY will produce a nice black but in reality it produces a dark dark
brownish yuck color. Now, I have to claim/admit ignorance of YOUR
particular process, but altering these variables will produce wildly
different results. And if you are throwing in transmissive light as a
factor then it's a whole different ball game. :}

And PhotoShop is just a "dumb" tool that can't predict what you will do
with it, and we can't let '"it" pretend to be the final word on such a
subjective topic as color, right?!

Rant over.
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