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I'll tell ya what I do in practice, Temi, as long as you remember it is only
one way/my way:

I now, since I eyeball register on a light table, print blue first (either
cyanotype or gum) and then yellow next and finally magenta. If I need to,
another blue goes on top, or if I want more layers, I just keep printing,
e.g. to get gloss. I print RGB. (R prints the blue layer, B prints the
yellow layer, G prints the magenta).

My yellow is transparent; I don't use cadmium. Over the blue, when printed,
it looks pretty sickly, but when the magenta is finished, it all comes into

I plan on printing each layer the same exact time, as I use the same curve
on each separation, but I SEEM to be printing a bit less for yellow and a
bit more for blue when I print yellow over cyano, then magenta, and then
finish up with a final blue of gum. That could be because each succeeding
layer needs more time to get it to grab on to the increasingly slick surface
(blue when last) or that blue, being a lot darker of a layer, holds back
more light, a more probable scenario, and contrary to popular opinion that
blue prints fastest and red slowest (maybe in theory this is true; in
practice it is not the case for me. Judy, if I remember correctly, found
this, too). My layer of blue is pretty densely colored. So to give an idea
here, I may print the yellow layer at 3-4 minutes, then magenta for 4 and
then the blue for 5.

This is all with an Epson 2200 printer, my particular digi curve, and using
a low dilution of am di (7%).

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> Hello,
> My question is about the printing order of NEGS, This will be my first
> time so my goal is to attain coloring similar to original image.
> * Is there a preferred order? (Maybe light to dark colors.)
> * Does order vary with each individual image? (Thus a personal
> decision)
> * Or, does order not make too much difference?
> Also, does exposure time vary with the different NEGS?
> Thanks in advance.
> Temi
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