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Date: 09/12/04-02:30:15 PM Z
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The yellow pigments tend to be the most opaque. Therefore, many workers
print the yellow layer first so as not to obscure the other, more
transparent colors. OTOH, Printing the cyan layer first tends to make
registration easier if you are doing so by eye rather than mechanically.
 I usually reserve the black layer for last.

If you have a means of registering the negatives precisely, such as with
registration pins, and you are making a 4-color gum rather than
combination print, I would recommend printing the yellow layer first in
most cases. Then print either cyan or magenta next, followed by the
black layer. I would choose either the cyan or magenta after the yellow
taking into consideration their opacity and which would have more of a
tendency to stain. As more gum hardens on the print with each printed
layer, I believe the staining potential decreases so I would print the
most staining pigment third. Usually, the staining pigments are also
more transparent. So, in most cases I would recommend printing from
most opaque to least.


>>> 09/12/04 1:10 PM >>>
My question is about the printing order of NEGS, This will be my first
time so my goal is to attain coloring similar to original image.
        * Is there a preferred order? (Maybe light to dark colors.)
        * Does order vary with each individual image? (Thus a personal
        * Or, does order not make too much difference?
Also, does exposure time vary with the different NEGS?
Thanks in advance.
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