Re: Prtg CMYK Separation NEGS in GUM

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I have heard that the printing order is yellow, magenta, cyan and black but
printing yellow first is not easy with the white paper and you better do
magenta first, yellow after then cyan and black.
Really what it matters is black to be the last and never yellow as the last
printing pigment.
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Subject: Prtg CMYK Separation NEGS in GUM

> Hello,
> My question is about the printing order of NEGS, This will be my first
> time so my goal is to attain coloring similar to original image.
> * Is there a preferred order? (Maybe light to dark colors.)
> * Does order vary with each individual image? (Thus a personal
> decision)
> * Or, does order not make too much difference?
> Also, does exposure time vary with the different NEGS?
> Thanks in advance.
> Temi
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