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If I understand your note below, then you have too much ink/density for both

Actually Black Ink Only will give you more density. Currently for gum, by
moving the right endpoint of the curve down from 100% to 60%, you are compressing
your tones so that you lose about 40% of them. Black Ink Only will probably
cause that loss to increase.

Mark Nelson

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> Chris,
> There might be something to this theory. My Pt/Pd negatives carry much
> more ink then gum negatives. My Pd curves go to about 90% and gum curve to
> about 60%, so that the amount of ink laid down from the same picture is
> very different. I have been swamped printing a B&W portfolio for a show
> and unabble to do any alt printing. I will try to print a gum negative
> (black ink only) on my 2200 this weekend and will let you know on the
> results. I use glossy paper as a substrate selection when printing.
> I made some 3 and 4 color gum prints from negatives printes on OHP and
> while I love the negatives (printed with all colors), I don't think I can
> afford that kind of hobby.
> Stay tuned
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