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There might be something to this theory. My Pt/Pd negatives carry much
more ink then gum negatives. My Pd curves go to about 90% and gum curve to
about 60%, so that the amount of ink laid down from the same picture is
very different. I have been swamped printing a B&W portfolio for a show
and unabble to do any alt printing. I will try to print a gum negative
(black ink only) on my 2200 this weekend and will let you know on the
results. I use glossy paper as a substrate selection when printing.
I made some 3 and 4 color gum prints from negatives printes on OHP and
while I love the negatives (printed with all colors), I don't think I can
afford that kind of hobby.
Stay tuned
> Marek,
> A P.S. here: in talking with Sam Wang last night, he suggested that
> the difference we are perceiving may be due to the amount of ink we are
> laying down on the paper (and/or using colored inks?). If you are using a
> really contrasty curve for pt/pd printing it may be that the substrate
> can't
> handle that much ink. My gum negatives don't require that much density.
> That said, I apply a curve to increase density and the negs visually look
> denser than a comparable film negative when laid against white paper, so
> they're not thin by any means, but probably not what you would use for
> pt/pd.
> The nice thing about pt/pd I suppose is you're only having to make
> one
> neg instead of three, so Pictorico is affordable. Well, what am I
> saying??
> Compared to the metal cost itself I suppose Pictorico is a sneeze.
> Also I am using the premium semi-gloss photo paper setting on the
> printer.
> Is that the same for you?
> Chris
> I was talking offlist about this with someone, Marek, and he, too, said
> that
> there was a problem with the ink not drying with someone else. I only use
> black ink; could you print up a neg with black only and see if your neg
> still smears? Because maybe it is the colored ink that is the culprit,
> and
> that would account for the difference of opinion on this one.
> I just HOPE that they didn't change their substrate, but I'll soon find
> out
> when my box comes. He assured me they had not. And you are positive you
> were printing on the correct side with the sticky finger test? And are
> you
> positive it is a black box with those exact numbers on it?
> You know, this is an odd thought; I also use the cheapy stuff from Staples
> and Office Max, etc., and with the stronger Scotch tape sometimes the
> layer
> that holds the ink would delaminate and come up with the tape (on only one
> of the brands). Is it possible, that the layer that holds the ink is
> absent
> on a batch of the stuff? I can't believe Epson would have different inks
> out there, so it has to be either the colored inks or the substrate (or
> wrong print side).
> With tricolor seps, to spend $9 printing out negatives as opposed to $2 is
> a
> big difference...
> Chris
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>> Chris,
>> I have tried Photo Warehouse with my Epson 2200 and the ink is still
>> "wet"
>> after a few hours. Easily smeared just by handling. I have tried slowing
>> the printer down as much as possible, it did not make a big difference.
>> I
>> am printing with all the inks (color and black) for smooth tones. On the
>> other hand OHP material is very robust, ready to be handled out of the
>> printer. I would love to find a cheaper subsitute for it though.
>> Marek Matusz
>> > Hi!
>> > I just got a good tip from Photo Warehouse. A while back we were
>> > talking about their film that I have had good luck with. At 75 cents
>> an
>> > 11x17, I love it, compared to Pictorico at $45 for 15!!!
>> >
>> > Someone else said they had problems.
>> >
>> > Keith Krebs said it had a leader white strip, mine did
> not....anyway,
>> > it now does (again?) have the white strip, Keith, and they did say the
>> > manufacturer did not change. That is neither here nor there...
>> >
>> > The tip he gave me was to print it (on the correct side, of
>> course,
>> > or
>> > ink will not dry no matter what you do; remember wet fingerprint test
>> to
>> > see
>> > if it sticks; of course, if it has leaders, this is moot) at 2880 dpi
> and
>> > this will give the ink time enough to dry so it does not get smeared
>> by
>> > the
>> > rollers as it runs thru. This was never a problem for me, nor Keith
>> if
> I
>> > remember correctly, but someone did have a problem with it, and maybe
> this
>> > is a solution. I've always printed at 1440, but will try this, too.
> Now,
>> > onto my second box of 100 sheets of 11x17.
>> >
>> > Thought I'd pass that along. OH, it is catalog no. 758-11174,
>> UC5F
>> > inkjet crystal clear 4 mil overlay film.
>> > Chris
>> >
>> >
>> >
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