tip for ink jet neg substrates

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     I just got a good tip from Photo Warehouse. A while back we were
talking about their film that I have had good luck with. At 75 cents an
11x17, I love it, compared to Pictorico at $45 for 15!!!

     Someone else said they had problems.

     Keith Krebs said it had a leader white strip, mine did not....anyway,
it now does (again?) have the white strip, Keith, and they did say the
manufacturer did not change. That is neither here nor there...

     The tip he gave me was to print it (on the correct side, of course, or
ink will not dry no matter what you do; remember wet fingerprint test to see
if it sticks; of course, if it has leaders, this is moot) at 2880 dpi and
this will give the ink time enough to dry so it does not get smeared by the
rollers as it runs thru. This was never a problem for me, nor Keith if I
remember correctly, but someone did have a problem with it, and maybe this
is a solution. I've always printed at 1440, but will try this, too. Now,
onto my second box of 100 sheets of 11x17.

     Thought I'd pass that along. OH, it is catalog no. 758-11174, UC5F
inkjet crystal clear 4 mil overlay film.
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