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Date: 09/09/04-05:57:32 PM Z
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I usually do not sign on important prints directly. For display
prints, I usually frame myself, and I sign on the matt board,
particularly because I print slightly larger than actual image area
and crop the image with matt board. But that's my personal preference
(and how I learned). For non-important prints I might sign on
prints. Since I don't sign on prints, I use stamp on the back to
indicate it is my work. I asked around for recommendation for ink
pads, and mine seems to work well. (It's water based but once dried,
it's insoluble in water.)

>From archiving/conservation viewpoint you'll find recommendations not
to write anything other than near the edges of back of prints. Even
then there are issues like what pencil/ink to use, etc. This is
probably most stringent case and you can make your own rule based on
it, but I think understanding the reasons for such recommendations
would be useful, if you care about the permanence of your work.

Ryuji Suzuki
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