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From: Schuyler Grace ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/09/04-01:45:37 PM Z
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When mounting and framing their work for presentation, how do the other
folks on this list deal with signature/title/edition lines on their prints?
I put all of that information in the border directly below the image and
usually show the border (and info) inside the mat window. Is that the
"correct" way of presenting such work, or more precisely, is that
"incorrect" (read: tacky or otherwise just not done)? BTW, I also
serialize all of my prints, so I can keep track of them, and put the
printing "recipe" (negative number, substrate info, emulsion formula,
exposure type/time, and processing information) on the first print of an
edition (that I usually keep) for reference, but those are generally on the
back of the print or near the edge of the substrate.

-Schuyler Grace
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