Re: Gamma Question and Yahoo, etc

From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/09/04-10:49:24 AM Z
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Eric Nelson wrote:
> So basically it seems, Mac folks are the ones askew
> (as it were), and we should adjust our files somewhat
> to compensate for the 90% of the world that has 2.2
> gamma settings on their monitors, at least when it
> comes to web sites.

That's pretty much what I came down to; I lightened the images so they
wouldn't look too dark on PC and just threw Mac folks to the wind, with
notes scattered here and there on the site to the effect that if Mac
users want to see the images more like they should look, they should
switch their monitor gamma to "uncorrected." It's not a perfect solution
by any means, but it's where I was when I decided not to spend any more
time trying to make the images look okay on both platforms, an
impossible task.

As to why it doesn't work the other way, beats me.

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