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> except that people keep popping up and repeating
> this elitist idea that everyone should have broadband,

It is not an "elitist" idea, it's just the way things are going. It is
becoming impractical to use the internet with a slow connection.

More people access the Net in the US using a broadband connection than
by dial-up, according to the latest stats from Nielsen//NetRatings.

In July, 63m people accessed the Net by broadband, compared to 61.3m by
a narrowband connection. Nielsen//NetRatings counts ISDN, cable modems
and DSL as broadband, while narrowband includes modem speeds of 14.4K
to 56K.

The overall growth for broadband connections rose 47 per cent
year-over-year, while the number of narrowband lines slipped 13 per
cent over the same period.

Said Marc Ryan, a senior director and analyst at Nielsen//NetRatings:
"Despite a plateau in the growth of US Internet access, we've seen
continued high double-digit growth in users' broadband access.

"We expect to see this aggressive growth rate continue through next
year when the majority of Internet users will be accessing the Internet
via a broadband connection."

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