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From: Katharine Thayer ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/02/04-05:25:29 AM Z
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Well, I've just talked to my ISP, to find out exactly how much space my
website is taking and what happens when a file comes in that's bigger
than the available space. It turns out that while that's definitely an
issue, the tech support guy was of the opinion that the real limiting
factor on receiving big files is the dialup. He says that the way the
timeout is set, it's impossible for a person to stay connected long
enough to download a file that big. So even if there were room for it in
my space on the server, I still wouldn't be able to download it, simply
because of the way the ISP's dialup accounts are set.

I suppose the elitists would say that this just proves that I and
everyone else should have broadband in order to accommodate the
occasional outsize file; what it means to me is that people shouldn't
send outsize files. I don't think we'll ever resolve this, except that
thank goodness Gord is in charge and Gord says he can't afford to
archive big files. So it seems, as Judy said, that that pretty much puts
an end to the argument, except that people keep popping up and repeating
this elitist idea that everyone should have broadband, and that in this
"of all places" you would think everyone would think so. Well, no, not
everyone does, but I've already said that. Back to work,
Katharine Thayer
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