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From: Timo Sund ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 09/02/04-01:53:27 PM Z
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Mateo Leyba wrote:

> It is not an "elitist" idea, it's just the way things are going. It is
> becoming impractical to use the internet with a slow connection.

Itīs also economical question.

If I switch to xDSL- connection itīd cost me some 39euros/month and that
is not even close what I consider economical. My ISDN connection costs
me 28euros/month and I still think itīs a bit too expensive. That is
when compaired bandwidth and service reliablity against price.

And how about those of us who canīt get xDSL for reason or other and are
stuck on their modem connections? Third world or rural areas of
industrial countries or some other reasons and areas why companies wonīt
offer possibility for it.

I wish there was multinational project offering free highspeed internet
connections to all enthustiacs. But there is not. :-(

Timo Sund
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