Re: diginegs a la Mark Nelson

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Date: 09/01/04-09:51:29 PM Z
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I ordered the book today, but am beginning to wonder if my 1280 printer
is going to be somehow inferior. Can anyone comment? I know the 2200
prints larger, at least I think it does, but will my ink chemistry or
printer mechanics cause me any problems?

On Wed, 2004-09-01 at 22:11, Christina Z. Anderson wrote:
> Haven't been great about keeping up on email lately, with my 30 hour review
> looming this next week, but I wanted to share one thing (I'm such a
> blabbermouth--should've been a gossip columnist). Yesterday during our
> weekly crit I saw Sam Wang's SILVER prints from a contact digineg, made
> using Mark Nelson's neg procedure, and was absolutely shocked. The creamy
> tonality, sharpness, no grain, was really impressive. It made me a
> believer. Jeffrey Mathias, you are one that does not think diginegs are
> there yet? I'd love to have you see this. Epson 2200 printer.
> Sam also brought platinum prints which were equally gorgeous. These were
> flesh things (both platinum and the gelatin silver) and the flesh was soft
> and high key. Wonderful tonal gradation. Hmm..."flesh things" is not very
> eloquent, I must be brain dead. But although I loved the pt/pd ones, I am
> not a good judge of them as I don't do the process enough to spot a perfect
> one. BW is another story.
> The intriguing thing about it is that once you have scanned and adjusted
> your neg to the [silver, pt/pd] curve, Sam said all your negs print exactly
> the same. That would save me hours in the darkroom getting perfectly dodged
> and burned prints.
> I wish I had stock or a vested interest in Mark's product, but I don't, as
> nice as his hehehe's are. (and just because I'm bragging about Sam's prints
> isn't earning me review brownie points, either. I'm so sick of rewriting my
> artist statement I could puke). Needless to say I'm going to learn this
> method shortly.
> My thought is that $75 is a small price to pay for consistency with prints,
> both silver and pt/pd, as well as gum. I mean, gum can mask some of those
> digineg problems, but not bw prints. On Forte paper. Toned. Yum. Hot
> darn.
> Chris
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