Re: Ultrafine Clear Film and Epson 2200

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Date: 10/23/04-07:14:43 AM Z
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> But for whatever reason, I got a very nice big negative with the Ultrafine
> Clear Film on the Epson 2200.
> Sandy
Thanks for the testing, Sandy. Let us know if it prints differently than
the Pictorico.

The fact that some of us get it to print with no problem explains why the PW
salesperson was a little exasperated when I asked him about this. He was
like, "Yes, it DOES work with the 2200, yada yada yada"....

It's probably, like Clay says, karma--Clay gets dichromate stain, Kerik
doesn't, with the same gum procedure. Hopefully my karma will hold out for
me til I get my thesis done.
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