Re: Ultrafine Clear Film and Epson 2200

From: Sandy King ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/23/04-08:27:20 AM Z
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Based on all of the comments so far my belief is that the results
depend on, 1) the thickness of the pigment that is laid down, 2)
which pigment it is since some may dry faster than others, 3) the
speed of printing, and 4) heat and humidity of the room where the
printing is done.

In my own case I am using mostly two of the colors, cyan and yellow,
to make spectral density negatives and the amount of pigment that is
laid down is a lot less than when the final color is black. Same is
true in your cases since you are mainly working with separations,
right? So you would be laying down relatively thin layers of cyan,
magenta and yellow. Also, using the printer set-up in Mark's PDN book
results in very slow printing so the ink has time to dry before it
comes in contact with the rollers, or at least it does in my work. A
suggestion for folks working in cold or humid conditions would be to
direct hot air from a heater or hair dryers on the film as it prints.
The hot air will probably be more helpful than cat paws.

Just for the record, when I tried to print Mark's 360 dpi step tablet
with black ink I saw some banding and uneven deposits of pigment on
both Pictorico and the the Epson OHP.


>>But for whatever reason, I got a very nice big negative with the
>>Ultrafine Clear Film on the Epson 2200.
>Thanks for the testing, Sandy. Let us know if it prints differently
>than the Pictorico.
>The fact that some of us get it to print with no problem explains
>why the PW salesperson was a little exasperated when I asked him
>about this. He was like, "Yes, it DOES work with the 2200, yada
>yada yada"....
>It's probably, like Clay says, karma--Clay gets dichromate stain,
>Kerik doesn't, with the same gum procedure. Hopefully my karma will
>hold out for me til I get my thesis done.
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