Re: Ultrafine Clear Film and Epson 2200

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Date: 10/22/04-09:07:46 PM Z
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Hi Chris, Don et al.

OK, curious as to the outcome I printed a piece of the 11X17
Ultrafine Clear film that Chris gave me last week with the Epson
2200. The negative was from a file set up using Mark Nelson's PDN
system and was printed for close to the highest contrast possible
with Mark's color calibration system, for a pallaidium curve. The
color was the nice emerald green that appears to give the highest
contrast when using the PDN system.

Here are my results. The negative tracked through the printer fine,
with no backing. It has now dried and I have examined it carefully. I
don't see any sign at all of roller marks or of the dreaded pizza
wheel tracks. In fact, it looks every bit as smooth as a Pictorico

So I am wondering why Don's negative with this film failed and mine
turned out so well? Just a few thoughts.

1. You must use the right side of the film. One side is coated, the other not.

2. Perhaps the particular colors that I used, as determined by Mark's
PDN system, dry faster. The color calibration procedures that result
from the PDN system lays a lot of cyan and yellow on the film, but
not much of any other color.

3. Following the printing procedures suggested by Mark's PDN system
the film goes through the 2200 very, very slowly. Perhaps the key is
that the pigmented ink dries before it touches the rollers.

4. South Carolina is a better place to live than Atlanta.

But for whatever reason, I got a very nice big negative with the
Ultrafine Clear Film on the Epson 2200.


>I just thought I would report to the list my results of testing Ultrafine
>Clear Film (thanks to Christina Anderson who gave me six sheets to evaluate)
>and the Epson 2200.
>This afternoon I printed Mark Nelson's Printer Evaluation Palette using the
>Premium Luster media setting printed at 1440 DPI. Unfortunately I had exit
>roller marks show up on the film just as others have reported. Additionally
>after 4 hours of drying the inks still can be smudged and the dreaded pizza
>wheel tracks are there too.
>I know someone posted a link showing a method for lifting the rollers up off
>of the substrate. Can someone point me to that web page again? I think that
>this substrate is usable, the PEP is very sharp and with an over night
>drying time the ink smudging could be eliminated. Of course the pizza wheel
>tracks may be a problem that can't be fixed.
>The first sheet got chewed up as it fed underneath the print head; on the
>second sheet I used a piece of inkjet paper to support the film which then
>did feed properly.
>Don Bryant
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