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From: Eric S. Theise ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/22/04-02:30:32 PM Z
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Thomas Gary Howard writes:
> The other great place is the Viewpoint Gallery
> <> which is a local organization of
> photographers. It's a model for local photographic community.

Viewpoint invited Eric Renner and Nancy Spencer to jury a pinhole
show back in 2002, and entries were submitted from all over the world.
The link on their site is broken, so I don't know where it's archived,
but Eric and Nancy's work was featured along with Martha Casanave and
Linda Pearson, and I made the drive out from San Francisco for the
reception -- I had work in the show -- and it was a great experience.

Alt-process work was welcome in that show, and a quick look through
their 2004 auction turns up a range of techniques.

An admirable place.

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