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great piece of photo-trivia. I agree, The Royal Fading Committee is such a
great title—sounds like something out of Monty Python, along with the Ministry
of Silly Walks. I love the British! I'll never forget when the kids were
young, we discovered a marathon of The Black Adder series on cable...we stayed
up all night watching it and laughing ourselves silly. Anyone remember
Beyond the Fringe?

Mark Nelson
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> It's used in that sense now, but that's not the origin of the term,
> apparently. As explained by Sal Mancini (in Post-Factory #2, page 9), In
> 1870 '"photography suffered a crisis"... early photographs were fading and
> "the delightfully named Royal Fading Committee" was set up by the British
> to find ways to produce lasting prints. The answer lay in metals more
> stable than silver -- gold, palladium and platininum -- which the
> committee termed "alternative photographic processes."'
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