Re: Research Question - Darkrooms closed?

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Date: 10/11/04-05:32:28 PM Z
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On Sun, 10 Oct 2004, SteveS wrote:
> Note: It is my understanding that Alt. or Alternative processes came out of
> the phrase 'An altervative process to commercially prepared materials.'

It's used in that sense now, but that's not the origin of the term,
apparently. As explained by Sal Mancini (in Post-Factory #2, page 9), In
1870 '"photography suffered a crisis"... early photographs were fading and
"the delightfully named Royal Fading Committee" was set up by the British
to find ways to produce lasting prints. The answer lay in metals more
stable than silver -- gold, palladium and platininum -- which the
committee termed "alternative photographic processes."'

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