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Try soaking the paper in oxalic first. I doubt if the addition of oxalic
acid to the sensitizer will work well or improve anything at all.

Then print a step wedge to determine your minimum printing time. If you are
printing with a digital negative with a printing time of 1.5 minutes then
you may not be giving enough exposure to achieve an adequate DMAX. I've run
into this problem before with other processes (VDB and kallitype).

Ziatype printing is a very user friendly process. It seems to me that you
are over complicating the process; I mean even I can make a decent ziatype
print. So I know if I can do it anyone can, but you have to establish your
working parameters first. B&S Ziatype solution works fine, use their formula
for the AFO mixture.

And for what it's worth you really need to get paper that you can work with.
Can't you order paper from B&S over the internet? After all you are using a
somewhat expensive process to begin with. As for Stonehenge you may have
better success with that than Whatman, I've used it for kallitype printing
without a hitch. However you won't know how it works with Ziatype and till
you give it a try, hence the importance of printing a step wedge.

Good luck,

Don Bryant

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> Ok, things become clear now... Thank you very much for reminding Clay's
> article!
> What do you think about including a trace amnt. of 1% oxalic acid into
> sensitizer? (for instance: 1 drop = 0.05ml to 1ml sensitizer)
> It seems that PH of paper and/or developer/washing water is very important
> in Pt/Pd printing... It seems that I have to seriously study this issue.
> Thanks,
> Loris.
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> Loris and Christian,
> Although I've never used Whatman HP, Clay Harmon writes in his article
> about
> Gum over Platinum, that Whatman HP should be treated to a 1.5% oxalic soak
> to prepare for palladium printing. I assume that may hold true for ziatype
> printing as well with that paper.
> Don Bryant
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