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Hi Loris

zaitype due to the use of double ferric salt work on more paper than DOP.
But If the paper contain too much buffer it will play on the quality of the

Some paper will definitly need an acid presaok to give good result. Please
could you send me a san of your first ziatype offline . I will giveme an
idea of the result which can be possible with your paper.


best regards

Nzé Christian

>From: Loris Medici <>
>Subject: Re: Another Ziatype question
>Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 22:53:49 +0300
>Hi Christian, thanks for the tip. Will also try your method. I'm amazed how
>different chemicals can be used to clear unexposed iron sensitizer!
>Unfortunately I have no easy access to Cranes or Aches paper here in
>Turkey. The Whatman I have was imported from England and it's a damn
>expensive paper. I also have few sheets of 30" x 44" - king size ;) -
>Rising Stonehenge printmaking paper; which I imported them from the States.
>Will try it with Stonehenge too when I will have time to cut the papers
>into smaller pieces.
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>>HI Loris
>>for clearing I use 2 bath of sodium sulfite and one of Kodak Hypo wash . I
>>print with clear border to check my clearing and I got no stain.
>>You should also try and a well known paper as Kid finish Cranes or Arches

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