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Date: 10/11/04-02:10:49 PM Z
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that's the jim.. (thanks for the compliment)...
i'm not sure of the type.. i ordered from bostick and sullivan..and that's worked for me


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Subject: Re: Another Ziatype question

Jim (the maker of those wonderful palladium over injkets right?) and Ryuji,

I think I can find EDTA in my location. AFAIK, there are two types of it.
Which one should I use?

As I said to Sandy, will try to make the initial wash in 4% citric acid too.


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> i've had real good luck with EDTA removing the stain with ziatypes (i
> print on COT320)

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> ...
> Unless the solution contains reducing agents, Fe(II) ions are
> converted to Fe(III) in neutral to alkaline pH, and make ferric
> hydroxide like you mentioned. If the intention is removal of iron, it
> is best you don't let this happen. I would try acid DTPA or EDTA
> solution to facilitate removal of iron.

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