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Date: 10/11/04-03:42:11 PM Z
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I don't have the print with me right now (I left it in out photo-club). Will
scan it tomorrow and send it. All I can say for now is that I got a smokey
black print. No true black but a dark and very slightly warm gray (darker
than untoned vandyke but not quite dark like cyanotype 2... my expectation
was too high maybe - don't know; perhaps I can tolerate a not so dark
colored print like vandyke or cyanotype but need something marginally better
with neutral black).

Thanks for reminding the buffer in the paper (now I remember that Mike Ware
told me that Whatman HP is a buffered paper). I have oxalic acid. Will make
another experiment tomorrow using paper treated in 1% oxalic acid. Do you
think 3 minutes in oxalic acid will be enough to neutralize the buffer? What
if I include a trace of it it in the sensitizer solution - like say... 1
drop of (0.05 ml) 1% oxalic acid in 1ml sensitizer? If that works I will
save time - because I will not have to wait oxalic acid treated paper to get


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> Hi Loris
> zaitype due to the use of double ferric salt work on more paper than DOP.
> But If the paper contain too much buffer it will play on the quality of
> the image.
> Some paper will definitly need an acid presaok to give good result.
> Please could you send me a san of your first ziatype offline . I will
> giveme an idea of the result which can be possible with your paper.
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