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>>> 10/07/04 2:09 PM >>>
I tried the suggestion of Mark Nelson by setting my 2200 to Premium
Glossy Photo Paper and had the same problem as always. Right before the
paper exits the printer there is a set of wheels, larger on the bottom
than the top. The top wheels lift or smear the still wet ink, leaving
tracks on the film material. Other than that it works fine. Just can't
use the negative to print.

Any suggestions anyone?



I don't know if the 2200 has the same set of wheels as the 2000P that I
use, but I experienced a similar problem last week. A friend printed an
image on Kodak paper and the wheels took the image off just before the
print exited the printer. This gunked up the wheels. I wanted to make
some digital negatives after that so I simply removed the two final
wheels (that an 8.5" wide sheet would contact). They have a spring for
an axle and are sort of threaded through a plastic plate and hooked on
one end with a stop on the other. They were very easy to remove without
damage. This solved the streaking problem for me. The only consequence
I can tell of removing the two wheels is that the paper/transparency
material shifts sideways as the material gets the final push from the
printer. This has no effect on the image. The paper just doesn't come
out straight at the very end. You might give it a try since it worked
for me and the wheels can be reset very easily, at least on the 2000P.

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