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Doesn't sound like the same wheels. But I did find the paper shoots out at an angle like you described. Not a big deal at all.

Thanks for the info.

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> >>> 10/07/04 2:09 PM >>>
> I tried the suggestion of Mark Nelson by setting my 2200 to Premium
> Glossy Photo Paper and had the same problem as always. Right before the
> paper exits the printer there is a set of wheels, larger on the bottom
> than the top. The top wheels lift or smear the still wet ink, leaving
> tracks on the film material. Other than that it works fine. Just can't
> use the negative to print.
> Any suggestions anyone?
> George
> George,
> I don't know if the 2200 has the same set of wheels as the 2000P that I
> use, but I experienced a similar problem last week. A friend printed an
> image on Kodak paper and the wheels took the image off just before the
> print exited the printer. This gunked up the wheels. I wanted to make
> some digital negatives after that so I simply removed the two final
> wheels (that an 8.5" wide sheet would contact). They have a spring for
> an axle and are sort of threaded through a plastic plate and hooked on
> one end with a stop on the other. They were very easy to remove without
> damage. This solved the streaking problem for me. The only consequence
> I can tell of removing the two wheels is that the paper/transparency
> material shifts sideways as the material gets the final push from the
> printer. This has no effect on the image. The paper just doesn't come
> out straight at the very end. You might give it a try since it worked
> for me and the wheels can be reset very easily, at least on the 2000P.
> Joe
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