Re: Chris Andeson there?

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/05/04-09:30:58 PM Z
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     I set the printer to 1440, because I don't have problems with smearing.
But I can set it to 2880 if I want. I just haven't seen the need to do so
with gums.

> Chris,
> > The thing is, they print up gum negs just fine, no smearing for
> > I"ve printed now over 100 11x17's on the stuff. I'm using the semigloss
> > setting. But Marek has problems with them printing his pt/pd negs, so
> > interested to see what gives. We're both on the 2200.
> When you use the semi-gloss setting is that setting the printer to print
> 1440 DPI rather than 2880 DPI?
> Don
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