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Date: 10/05/04-12:11:31 AM Z
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All the email previously not received came in tonight.
 Previously I went to the Spamcop forum to ask about
this as I found the alt list IP blocked.
This was the dialog there. Rather wordy and tech
oriented and a lot of it goes way over my head....but
for those interested here 'tis w/my inquiry in quotes.

"I belong to the Alt Photo Process list out of Canada
and it is currently blocked from me and others
receiving any mail from it. In other words, we aren't
receiving emails from the group whether from an
inadvertant submission by someone or someone else
doing spam from there (i don't know much about this
stuff). How do we get the photo list off the Spamcop
BL list?
The IP is I'm not an admin or in
anyway associated with the Alt-Photo Process
list...just a participant and I want to help them get
back to normal. In the Spamcop BL page the IP comes up

" listed in (
Causes of listing
System has sent mail to SpamCop spam traps in the past
week (spam traps are secret, no reports or evidence
are provided by SpamCop)
Additional potential problems
(these factors do not directly result in spamcop
Listing History
In the past 592.4 days, it has been listed 3 times for
a total of 3.5 days
Other hosts in this "neighborhood" with spam reports"
Eric Nelson "

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There once was a time when the general spammer used a
single account at one ISP to spew .... easy to get
shut down. Now you have spammers looking for and using
the compromised computers of millions of "home" users
that don't have a clue, and these are attached to ISPs
that are providing service to many thousands of users
... the abuse desk doesn't "make" money ... so
reaction time to close down these compromised systems
is far behind the spammers finding new ones to add to
the spew ... and this is just one aspect of the
spamming issue

Why Am I Blocked? Probable Causes
If your email has suddenly been blocked by the SpamCop
blocklist, it is probably because you share an IP
address with other email users and there is someone

* is using auto-responses that are replying to spam
with forged spamtrap email
addresses (such as Out-of-Office/Vacation notices,
virus notifications, and 'created email' bounces);
* has a computer with a virus that sends spam without
the owner's knowledge;
* has a computer that has been compromised and
spammers are remotely controlling it to transmit their
* is sending unsolicited emails and your internet
service provider is allowing it;
* or because, as in all systems, there may have been a
mistake. (very rare)
The SpmCopDNSbl listing will expire automatically
within 48 hours of the last report of spam from it.

How can I get removed from SpamCop's blocking system?

The short answer is that you cannot be removed.

SpamCop automatically handles blocking and unblocking
of ISPs. If SpamCop continues to receive reports of
spam originating from the networks you are responsible
for, those networks will continue to be blocked. If
not, then you will be unblocked by SpamCop
automatically after 48 hours.

If the SpamCop reports that you receive relate only to
web-hosting for the spammer, then this does not count
toward blocking. The email filters consider only
complaints of sourcing spam.

If you have recently closed an open relay on your
network, you should check and/or notify the various
relay blocking systems in use:ORDB - Open Relay
* MAPS RSS - Relay Spam Stopper

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