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From: Gordon J. Holtslander ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/04/04-05:45:48 PM Z
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Hi All:

The list is still functioning, but it looks like at least one spam
blocking service (spamcop) is was blocking mail from this list


These spamblocking services block lots of spam, but they make no effort to
insure that they DON'T block valid email.

Anyone who isn't received email from this list should complain to their
Internet Service Provider.

Many service providers use spam blacklists that simply discard email
messages based on what mail server it comes from.

Often the blacklist is generated automatically based on input from

It appears that no effort is made to confirm that a site is valid

I realize that people who are having this problem will not get this
message, unless they read the online mirror

I checked spamcops current listing of blocked sites for the server that
manages this list - IP#

The server is in their block list which will explain why many people
aren't receiving email.

You should all complain to


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