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Date: 10/05/04-12:15:29 AM Z
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Hi Chris,

I fear my system is unable to work miracles. I doubt you need a curve or
anything to test potential film material—just print on it and see if it smears
when it comes out of the machine—if it does smear, don't waste your time with
it trying to get it to work. It should be able to hold the ink when the
printer is set to Premium Glossy Photo Paper. Once it passes the smear test, then
try a step tablet and a gradient and see if they print smoothly. If it
passes that test, then try printing with it and see what results you get. It all
has to do with the ink set you are using—they are either compatible with the
film or not. After that it becomes an issue of the ability of the substrate to
hold a good image.

Mark Nelson
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>      I also will, once I get off my butt, send some sheets to Mark Nelson
> for him to test with his new system.  It is possible that his method will
> not smear on PW stuff.
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