Jack Brubaker I love you

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Date: 10/04/04-06:40:32 AM Z
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Ha ha! That'll get some list traffic going!

I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. Jack gave a tip once on
the alt list about the Scotch Brite scouring pad as a last resort on
recalcitrant gum layers.

I'll tell you what, it works great. It actually will scrape off all gum
down to the cyanotype layer at the bottom, even on older prints. The
cyanotype layer will only come off if you scrape off the paper itself, so it
is there for good.

Warning: very easy to damage a print, tho, so you perfect print gum
printers out there, beware.

I have been having such fun with it, not as a correction tool, but as an
expression tool. I'm trying to think how I can cut it to small enough size
to glue it on the end of a pencil to get into tighter spaces. It lasts and
lasts; I've been using one bitty piece for months.

Smack, smack,
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