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From: Kris Erickson ^lt;[email protected]>
Date: 10/05/04-06:22:01 AM Z
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that's interesting;
why not try to use something like a rotary tool (Dremel?) with some
scotchbrite wedged into a split mandril (is this even english anymore?)
You'll have to set the rotary tool on low, or you may burn a hole in the
print (ha! this might be a new aethetic, though: burnishotype)


Christina Z. Anderson wrote:

> Ha ha! That'll get some list traffic going!
> I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. Jack gave a tip once on
> the alt list about the Scotch Brite scouring pad as a last resort on
> recalcitrant gum layers.
> I'll tell you what, it works great. It actually will scrape off all gum
> down to the cyanotype layer at the bottom, even on older prints. The
> cyanotype layer will only come off if you scrape off the paper itself, so it
> is there for good.
> Warning: very easy to damage a print, tho, so you perfect print gum
> printers out there, beware.
> I have been having such fun with it, not as a correction tool, but as an
> expression tool. I'm trying to think how I can cut it to small enough size
> to glue it on the end of a pencil to get into tighter spaces. It lasts and
> lasts; I've been using one bitty piece for months.
> Smack, smack,
> Chris
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