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Hi Sandy,
     Yes, I have been here, but not gotten any messages until this morning,

     My info on OHP: I pick up any 8x5 x 11 that I can find at the office
supply stores, and all work. Staples brand, Office Max, 3M. Even the ones
that have the bumpy side that you print on work just great. Sharpness is
never a concern. It's not just that I print gum with them, but solarplate,
silkscreen, and cyanotype.

     I just got my next batch of the Photo Warehouse stuff, and I was afraid
it would be different than the last because it feels thinner and curls
easier, but it is fine. Works great as always, for gum. Does not have a
white strip. Wet finger test to see printable side.

     In corresponding with both Sam and Marek on the Photo Warehouse, tho,
it seems that the problem with it is when printing platinum and needing a
denser negative. Several people have rejected the Photo Warehouse material
because the ink smears on it. I asked Marek if he would send me his curve
so I could test it on my stuff to see if, too, my inks smear. He hasn't as
of yet. I was most interested in testing Marek's curve specifically because
he does get smearing. I think Keith Schreiber (?) does not like the stuff,

     I also will, once I get off my butt, send some sheets to Mark Nelson
for him to test with his new system. It is possible that his method will
not smear on PW stuff.

This be all ah know.

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> Hi Chris,
> Would you share with us your latest information on the use of OHP
> materials other than Pictorico with the Epson 2200 and C-84?
> Specifically, what is available, where, and how does it compare to
> Thanks.
> Sandy
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