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Dan, I bought the Companion when it was out, how do I get the updated
version with Epson 4000 info?


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>> You can also do curve corrections in the transfer dialog box of the
>> print menus.
> This is true (and discussed in my book) but remember that in the
> Transfer
> Function you are limited to 13 static points (you can't vary where they
> apprear on the horizontal axis of the curve) whereas the Curves dialog
> lets you place 16 points, wherever you want them. Those extra points
> can
> be very handy for smoothing out shoulders and such.
> And as has been discussed, it doesn't make a tinker's damn whether you
> apply the curve to a positive or negative. Some prefer the negative and
> some (like me) the positive. And yes, the curves, though they will do
> the
> same thing density wise in the end, will be inverses of one another,
> depending on the postive or negative image to which you apply them. All
> my curves are to be applied to the positive.
> The supplement to my book, the Inkjet Negative Companion, includes a
> handy Photoshop template that applies the curve and inverts the image
> with just one click of the mouse. And for dye printers like the 1280,
> it
> also colorizes the neg (with that neat red-orange color) with that same
> single click. Pretty slick if I say so myself. ;^) This supplement has
> been out for a year but I just updated it with Epson 4000 info a couple
> weeks ago.
> Hope this helps!
> Dan
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