Re: Changes in Arches?

From: Christina Z. Anderson ^lt;>
Date: 02/27/05-11:53:19 PM Z
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<snip> Ah, I was thinking you were one who had remarked on the smell, but I
> must have you mixed up with someone else.

ah, 'twas me who said this. It smelled like wet dog, dirty sox, you name
it. I will never order Arches again--the old supply I used up had spots of
inconsistent sizing and stunk, the new stuff I bought this summer, albeit
only a couple sheets, still had the same problems. But that doesn't mean it
hasn't changed since summertime. If you say it has, I'd be game to try it
again. My paper was from D Smith, and the summer paper from an art store in

I have pix of the spots that I could post/send as jpegs to someone. Clear
spots, also brown spots.
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